Open Display Frigider

Open Display Fridge


Frost Tech display fridge cabinets combine strong improvement with a charming prologue to show food and drinks. Our open fridges are sensitive for accommodation stores or bistros.

Showing up in a wide combination of sizes and shapes from gigantic, twofold door models to the humbler single door models or countertop fridges, you’ll require just to pick your best multideck. Obviously, purchasers should pick the sizes, similar to width, height and significance.

With such an enormous number of choices open finding the size and ability to suit your necessities is clear. A hankering of consummations from dim metallic to stainless steel can in like manner be discovered guaranteeing that any style of business is overhauled.

We are on the commercial refrigeration feature for over 30 years. Thus, we’re prepared to offer you capable direction just as outfit you with the most extraordinary advanced, strong commercial fridge gear.

Our display fridge units are totally created using fine, Eco-accommodating European parts. Likewise, our refrigerant headway program enables us to give the commercial ‘focus cleanest’ commercial refrigeration. This in like manner licenses us to ensure that your display fridge units contribute extra vitality chilling than being fixed.

Frost Tech have an expansive arrangement of phenomenal commercial display fridge cabinets to suit a whole host of chilled stock provider applications. We have numerous specific classes to pick from.



 Multideck refrigerator grouping is the home of the broad open fridge cabinets for basic food item shops any place on the planet. Multideck display fridge units give an enormous strategy to offer a wide variety of item in impeccably chilled conditions.

The length of the multideck fridge you pick could be critical. Premium multideck fridge cabinets have a ton of marvelous features like glass sideboards, drove lightning, evening time blinds, detachable base plates, auto defrost, rack risers, and stainless steel outside.

Generally, temperature degrees fall between -2˚C to 10˚C giving the perfect conditions to the vast majority of refrigerated.


Grab and Go fridge

 Grab and Go fridge cabinets can stock and impeccably present various things. Our display fridge multidecks help you to enhance the allurement of ‘Grab and Go’ for sandwiches, wraps or boxed plates of blended greens.

You have such tremendous quantities of choices to pick and purchase from the norm to the top notch display fridge class, so basically click on the photographs and buy.


Patisserie display chiller

 The patisserie display fridge is ideal for bistros, cake and baked good shops. Our extent of cake display chillers, all have complete glass incorporates to see the product from any edge. Our magnificent patisserie chillers come in numerous rich fruitions from steel to premium stainless-steel. The open structure of a Cake Fridge makes an eye-getting display for your customer and may reinforce spur of the moment purchases, by uprightness of the effectively noticeable produce.

Cake Display Fridges offer a drawing in thing display with no trade off in execution. Thusly, we have the commercial refrigeration answer to fit every conceivable business need, with all models endeavored to the best wants.

You can have assurance that your display fridge is a high bore, extreme, solid and centrality useful, with premium parts. Along these lines, whether or not you’re foreseeing using as a sandwich or cake fridge, our extraordinary multideck chiller ideally suits on the most minimal prices on the overall commercial place.


Commercial Fridge

 Frost-Tech ltd got one of the most important commercial fridge makers on the planet. We give a wide assembling of commercial chiller models. Moreover, these commercial refrigerator cabinets perfect suit in any ordinary elements from coffee stores to huge retailers.

Frost-Tech’s natural administration is a fundamental component of our commercial refrigeration business, so we endeavor to accomplish this in the entirety of our assembling. We are devoted to creating and promoting cabinets which have uncommon natural characteristics and which sets the principles of commercial refrigeration.

We put all our essentialness, imaginative brain and irksome work into making these ideal Storage and Display Chillers. Advance introduction of your things with our commercial refrigeration coolers that are relied upon to house and display particular food or prize things in an exquisite and suitably open way, all impeccably cooled and orchestrated serve.


Commercial refrigeration 

 Frost-Tech consider’s vitality to be as a significant piece of its overall way of thinking and endeavors to accomplish the best ecological practice in the entirety of its assembling tasks. We are devoted to creating and advertising commercial refrigeration cabinets which have extraordinary natural characteristics.

Whatever your business needs, Frost-Tech has the commercial refrigeration answer for you. Our range consolidates patisseries, upright cabinets, freezers, multidecks and limit cabinets. The commercial fridges we effortlessly are attempted to the best desires and are perfect for any business condition. Our tip top display fridges offer an amazing refrigeration answer for various sorts giving food and retail exercises. The Frost-Tech brand offers something for every business application, ensuring top quality, steadfastness, and imperativeness capability.


Commercial Fridge for your business

 Frost-Tech commercial display fridge units get solid improvement together with a charming display to show off food and drink produce. Our glass door fridges are the perfect response for shops, markets or bistros.

Showing up in a wide extent of sizes and styles – from enormous, triple or twofold door models to humbler, single door models and even minimized countertop units, with turned or sliding doors and over or under mounted refrigeration structures – it’s lively and easy to pick your ideal display refrigerated cabinet. Obviously, customers will move toward various sizes, similar to width, height and significance.

With such countless options available finding the size and capacity to suit your requests is direct. A determination of culminations from dim steel to 304 stainless steel, can be found in like manner, ensuring that any style of business is enhanced and improved.

Having been giving associations to over 30 years, we can offer you capable direction just as outfit you with the most remarkable, strong commercial refrigeration gear that will empower your association to create in sells and limit also as could be normal.


Subsequently, we are focused on giving business sector driving commercial refrigeration courses of action which are the two vitalities capable and legitimate. Helping your business or association to diminish your costs both fiscally and to nature. Our storage chillers and display fridge units are completely delivered using quality, current and normally strong European parts and our refrigerant improvement program engage us to offer the market the ‘cleanest’ refrigeration. This in like manner helps with ensuring that your commercial fridge units contribute more vitality chilling than they do being fixed.


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